• Oxidized Leaf Print Bangle


    From the Forest Floor Impressions Collection, this bangle features a stamped willow leaf “walking” along the bangle. Leaves are oxidized and the backdrop textured and slightly oxidized.

    Sterling silver.

    Measures approximately 2 3/4 inches in diameter. Size medium. Other sizes may be available upon request.

  • Ammonite Negative Bracelet Top


    Ammonite negatives (generally from Germany, the Jurassic Period) are fascinating intricate fossil footprints of spiral shells. Wear one to remember the importance of where you are and where you are going.

    Triangular ammonite negative in sterling silver.

    Bracelet top only-base sold separately.

  • Mushroom Spore Print Ring


    Our small mushroom spore print with the added sparkle of a .13ct round, white diamond!

    18ky gold bezel. Sterling silver spore print disk (3/4 of an inch in diameter) and textured ring shank.

    Ring is a size 8.

  • Teardrop Opalized Wood Earrings


    Natural opalized wood from Indonesia with a deep band of mocha brown.

    Sterling silver bezels and French wires.

    Stones measure approximately 2 inches long.

  • Labradorite Pendant


    Oval, faceted labradorite pendant. Labradorite was first discovered in the 1700’s in Labrador, Canada. As the stone moves, varying colors play on the surface-blues, greens and grays.

    Textured, sterling silver bail and bezel.

    Pendant only. Chain available upon request.

  • Billiard Ball Bracelet Top


    A great cobalt blue triangular bracelet top made from a billiard ball. What does the 10 mean to you? Career milestone? Birth date? Wedding anniversary?

    Sterling silver.

    Bracelet top only-base sold separately.

  • Round Kingman Turquoise Earrings


    Kingman turquoise (Arizona) comes from one of the oldest and highest producing turquoise mines in the United States.  It was originally discovered over 1,000 years ago.

    Round, bezel set Kingman turquoise. Sterling silver bezels and solid backs. French  style wires.

    Stones are 3/4 of an inch.

  • Forest Floor Bangle-Leaf with Diamond


    Forest Floor bangles have become quick customer favorites. Great layering pieces. Great gifts. Great collectibles.

    Smooth finish sterling silver bangle with freely moving 18ky gold leaf on a sterling silver jump ring. Gold leaf has bezel set round, .02ct white diamond.

    Bangle measures 2.5 inches in diameter and is a size medium. Other sizes may be available upon request.

  • Boulder Opal Bracelet Top


    Soft lavender and blue shades make this top a great choice for fans of pastels. This bezel set boulder opal is a freeform shape with an undulating surface.

    Sterling silver. Opal is approximately 2 inches wide.

    Bracelet top only-base sold separately.


  • Champagne Colored Vario Chain


    19.75 inch champagne colored stainless chain with large links and vario ends.

    Works specifically with vario system.


  • Chrysocolla Earrings


    These chrysocolla teardrop earrings look like the depths of Lake Superior-swirls of dark teal, brown and pops of sky blue.

    Sterling silver French wires.

    Stones measure approximately 1 3/4 inches long each.

  • Forest Floor Impressions Oak Leaf Vario Clasp


    If you have not tried a piece from the vario collection, this is a great start for your collection! This vario clasp can be worn with multiple “chain” options, changing up the style every time.

    Sterling silver concave vario with oxidized oak leaf and a .10ct round, white diamond, bezel set in 18ky gold. Vario has two keys so piece can be worn multiple ways and measures 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

    Vario clasp only-chain sold separately. Components works specifically with vario system.