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Social Responsibility

For Becky Thatcher, the footprint we leave behind matters.

Our responsibility to the planet should be reflected in our daily choices.

Materials and how they are sourced are as important as the designs themselves. Becky’s footprint as a designer includes the following company practices.

  • Whenever possible, metals in designs are recycled. Pieces with recycled metals will be identified on our website.
  • We work with established gem dealers; our longstanding relationships with these industry leaders helps us provide you with gemstones from trusted and reputable sources.
  • As a designer for over 35 years, Becky Thatcher is a longstanding member of the industry’s notable associations-the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA), Jewelers Vigilance Committee, Ethical Metalsmiths and Jewelers of America (JA).
  • As members of the AGTA, we agree to disclose gemstone enhancements and abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics and Principles of Fair Business Practices. This disclosure policy is stricter than that of the Federal Trade Commission.
  • As members of AGTA and JA, we support the education of consumers and staff so that accurate information about gemstones and their properties is available and shared.
  • We are surrounded in northern Michigan by stunning natural resources and support nonprofits that focus on land and water preservation efforts to help sustain them.

Know that a purchase from Becky Thatcher Designs was created not only to reflect northern Michigan’s beauty, but also to preserve it.