• Metallic Pink Pearl Earrings


    These cultured, freshwater “fireball” pearl earrings are a natural pink metallic color and are named for their round base and the “flames” that rise above it. Enjoy the blend of pink, golden copper and green in this lovely pair.

    14ky gold wires.

  • Boulder Opal Pendant


    A bezel set, freeform boulder opal with eye-catching green, blue and red flashes of fire is accented by a sandtextured layered bail with a sunray accent. This pendant includes the 3 strand golden color leather necklace.

    14ky, 18ky and 22ky gold. Pendant is approximately 1 inch wide and 1 inch long.

    Three strand leather necklace is 18 inches, with a sterling silver bayonet clasp and is included.

  • Oval Aquamarine Earrings


    This shade of aquamarine is an exceptional year-round hue. Deep enough to wear into the chill of winter and a refreshing compliment to a summer wardrobe.

    1.15tcw oval aquamarine stones, prong set in 14kw gold with 14kw gold leverbacks.

    Stones each measure approximately 1/4 of an inch in length.

  • Beachstone Cairn Tower Earrings


    A tall tower of Leland Blue stones in all the key shades, with neutral beachstones thrown into the mix for a true treasure from Lake Michigan! Each earring features 7 stones.

    Sterling silver wires.

    Earrings measure approximately 2 inches in length each.

  • Swiss Blue Topaz Earrings


    The distinct color of swiss blue topaz captures the exotic color you’ll see driving “the narrows” of Glen Lake on a July day.

    10 X 7 mm pear shaped swiss blue topaz stones in sterling silver cinch settings. Sterling silver wires.

  • Sonoran Sunset Bracelet Top


    Sonoran sunset is the combination of two materials-cuprite (red) and chrysocolla (blue/green). This long oval bracelet top is prominently cuprite with a black matrix center.

    Sterling silver. Top measures approximately 1 1/2 inches long.

    Bracelet top only-base sold separately.

  • White Pine Copper Company Pendant


    A real conversation piece! This vintage tag from the White Pine Copper Company was used to label property and equipment at the now closed copper mine. Closed in 1995, White Pine Copper Company was the last major copper mine in Michigan.

    Brass tag with copper rivets. Sterling silver back and ring bail. Pendant measures 2 1/4 inches long.

    Pendant only-sterling silver snake chain sold separately.

  • Silver & Lavender Freshwater Pearl Necklace


    An enchanting freshwater pearl strand of cultured, baroque pearls in silver gray and lavender tones. With movement, the luster of this lovely strand will keep you guessing. At one glance, silver-at another, metallic lavender with hints of green.

    Sterling silver S hook closure. Strand measures 19 inches in length.

  • Cherry Creek Jasper Rough Cut Earrings


    Cherry creek jasper was discovered in 2010 in China when miners were looking for turquoise. Its name comes from the creek that flows close to the discovery site. It blends hues of sage green, chocolate, plum and mustard with unique markings scattered throughout. These earrings are triangular in shape with rough cut outer edges.

    Sterling silver.

    Stones measure approximately 1 inch in length each.

  • Cairn Trio Earrings


    Keep it simple with a neutral trio of Michigan beachstones.

    Sterling silver wires. Stone stacks measure 3/4 of an inch each.

  • Red Spinel Kabob Earrings


    Feel the love with all the red tones in these kabob style earrings.

    1.35tcw oval, red spinels (prong set), topped with a stack of lovely hues of garnet.

    14kw gold leverbacks. Earrings measure 1 1/2 inches in length each.

  • Quartz Earrings


    Clear quartz rod earrings with textured oxidized silver caps.

    Sterling silver caps and wires.