Bracelet Base Sizing


Our bracelet bases come in a range of sizes and styles. Our sizes are stamped on the inside of the bases. They do not represent inches; it is our own sizing system. A dot next to the number means that it is a half size. Example= 3. means it is a size 3 1/2.

Measure your wrist where you would like the bracelet to fit. If you like a looser fit, add a half inch. For a tighter fit, subtract a half inch. We find that our size 3 1/2 is our most popular size. Use the chart below to find your base size:

         Wrist Size     Bracelet Base
Size 4”   –   5”2
Size 5”   –   5½”2 ½
Size 5½”-  6”3
Size 6”-      6 ½”3 ½
Size 6½”-  7”4
Size 7”-      7 ½”4 ½
Size 7½”-  8”5
Size 8”-      8 ½”5 ½
Size 8½”-  9”6


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