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Acorn Bread and the Oak Leaf Ring

Meet Lisa. Connoisseur of acorns and acorn bread. One day while scanning our Facebook page, Lisa become acquainted with  our new Forest Floor Impressions collection. As one who embraces nature like Becky, the collection had special meaning for Lisa.

“The acorn has a special place in my home. My family gathers them in our yard, on walks, and friends drop them off by the bag full. We shell acorns while watching football on Sunday or outside together in the park….It is a nut that not only nourishes our bodies but also nourishes relationships and connectedness to the community around us.” Michigan Blue, Oct. 2018

Now, a proud owner of her own Forest Floor oak leaf ring, Lisa has a ready reminder of that which is important to her. “The spirit of our communities live in this ring- creative, resilient, regenerative, and strong.  The oak tree reminds us nature provides everything we need to move through 2020 and beyond.  I’m so glad for Becky and her role in the world- she brings us beauty and hope.”

To learn more about how to harvest your own acorns for acorn bread, check out Lisa’s recipe in Michigan Blue.


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