New Puzzle Watch Frames Featured

We have a large selection of new Puzzle watch frames in now, all the colors of the rainbow and spectacular

Opal Bracelet Tops Featured

Here are two beautiful opals that were cut from the same stone. The opal was split  down the middle and opened so that they are a mirror image of each other, just right for giving. One for you and one for your sister, or for a mother and daughter or soul sisters. To be worn with love and fond memories  of time spent together.


Window Contest Honorable Mention Featured

Traverse City Film Festival – July 31, 2011
Becky Thatcher Designs Traverse City location wins Honorable Mention for the Traverse City Film Festival Window Contest

Becky Thatcher: Best Jeweler is also a World Traveler Featured

Northern Express  – March 28, 2011

Becky was featured in an interview with the Northern Express about her start, how and where she works. The Express also reminds its readers that Becky is the best jeweler in Leelanau County

“It’s this dedication to tracking down the best of the best — even going to the far side of the world — that earned Becky honors as “best jeweler” in Leelanau County. Creating dazzling works of art in jewelry has been a lifelong quest.”