Mayer & Watt-A Lifelong Passion for Gemstones Featured

In 1981, Laurie and Simon Watt established Watt Gems with the support of Hans-Dieter Haag, a German stone cutter. Though Laurie and Simon did not have  formal training in the gem business, their passion for gemstones and color built a successful business that began in Beverly Hills, California. 

As the business evolved, it became Mayer & Watt, the name of the company today.

Unheated Blue Sapphire

For over thirty years, Mayer & Watt has fostered relationships with premiere stone cutters and miners across the world.  Early on, African and Brazilian stones became a focus; more recently, trips to the Far East, particularly Sri Lanka, for unusual and fancy sapphires have taken the lead.

Simon and Laurie are very active advocates in the gem dealer community. Simon has served on the American Gem Trade Association Board, including as the Vice-President for 6 years, and his wife Laurie serves on the Women’s Jewelry Association Board (mid-west chapter).

Simon and Laurie have a long and trusted relationship with Becky. Their stones are highly desired and Mayer & Watt firmly follows and supports the ethical  and fair trade practices for sourcing their stones.

Interested in knowing about Mayer & Watt’s next visit? Contact our Glen Arbor location at 231.334.3826.


Jean Larson Encaustics Make an Impression in TC Featured

Jean Larson has been the featured artist in our TC store location, since its first location, next to Mary’s Kitchen Port. Recently, Jean introduced a new medium to adorn the walls-encaustics!

Encaustics are an ancient Egyptian preservation technique in which wax coats the object. This medium can withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees and protects the painting underneath through the thick coating.

Jean’s encaustics include subject matter like birds, orchids, fruit, and nests and are available in a variety of shapes, including round.

Though she has roots in the Traverse City, Jean gains inspiration through her travels, especially to Iceland, where she is remodeling a historic building into an art studio. Be sure to stop in and enjoy Jean’s work in person.  Her encaustics have been wildly popular and are sure to remind you of the intricate artistry in nature.