History of the Leland Bluestone Featured

Got the blues? Here’s a short history of Leland’s own blue stone.┬áPrized by jewelry designers and rockhounds alike, these Northern Michigan collectibles are forged by┬áman, colored and shaped by nature.
click here to see a video of the Leland blue stone history

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What is a Cairn? Featured

Walk down a sandy Lake Michigan beach in the summertime, and you’ll eventually come across a cairn. But cairns have a long history and inspire imagination, which is something we think is keenly important. Have a look:

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Fall Cairn Earrings Featured

Cairns: a conical heap of stones built as a monument from Webster’s World Dictionary

Our cairns are built with local stones from the shores of Lake Michigan, on sterling silver
french wires. From $50 up
click here to see a video on Cairns

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