Opal Bracelet Tops Featured

Here are two beautiful opals that were cut from the same stone. The opal was split  down the middle and opened so that they are a mirror image of each other, just right for giving. One for you and one for your sister, or for a mother and daughter or soul sisters. To be worn with love and fond memories  of time spent together.


Moonstone Rings Featured

Sterling silver sand textured bands with a 18KY gold bezel holding moonstone cabochons, they have a very mesmerizing effect with their flashes of blue, green and yellow. This design is also available in a variety of different gemstones

Puzzle Watch Frames Featured

New Puzzle watch frames have arrived. Choose from some amazing Leland Blue, beautiful Lake Michigan beachstones or a gold plated sun-ray patterned frame.

New Bracelet Tops Featured

Just in, two new bracelet tops that are big, bold and amazing!  Beautiful pink tourmaline crystals in quartz set in sterling silver.  And a jasper cabochon with a drusy center, it’s like having your own little miniature crystal cave! Each are priced at $695

Tanzanite Featured

Tanzanite is a rate gemstone found mostly in the hills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Officially called “Blue Zoisite” tanzanite in its rough state is usually a reddish brown color, not very pretty but when heated to 600 degrees C it turns to the beautiful blue/purple gemstone we all love.
This necklace featured here is made with flat freeform tanzanite beads, hand knotted between each bead and finished with an 18KY gold clasp. Retail price $2,895. SOLD

New Turquoise Rings Featured

Turquoise Rings

Beautiful blue turquoise set in our newest design: a sterling silver band with a hammered finish and 22K yellow gold bezel to show off the turquoise. Which one is your favorite?