Forest Floor Leaves-Creativity Featured

The leaves in the Forest Floor Collection represent both fantasy and reality. The leaves themselves are nameless, simply an invention of a pencil-an artist’s interpretation.

An unequivocally essential part of a forest, leaves are the means by which the ecosystem breathes. Each leaf design in this collection is a token to the abundant creativity within.

Forest Floor Mushroom Spore Print-Protection Featured

While studying soil microbiology, Becky learned of the importance of fungi to plants and soil. Mycelium is the vegetative part of fungus which extracts minerals from sand and rocks for plants to absorb. This is how we get minerals in our food naturally.

The spore prints created for this collection came from an experiment. After collecting mushrooms outside, Becky laid them on paper, gill-side down and let them sit for several hours. During that time the spores of the mushroom were released, which resulted in an intricate replication of the spore print.

These prints covered our kitchen counters as we worked on the project and were later embossed into pieces for the Forest Floor Collection.

A mushroom umbrella-like shape is a symbol of protection for all who carry it. The spore print design represents a resilient organism that never ceases to provide.

Forest Floor Twigs-Hope Featured

Becky was looking for inspiration on a misty, grey day when she gazed out her window and saw nearby trees glistening. She went outside for a closer look and saw droplets dancing on the small twigs budding from the trees. It was the beginning of spring, and the buds were swelling with a promise of a brighter day.

These same twigs were collected and cast into the pieces seen in the Forest Floor Collection today. This element symbolizes hope with a real-life keepsake.

Forest Floor Bark-Strength Featured

Walking through the forest on a winter day, Becky noticed holes in the trees from feeding woodpeckers. She grew concerned for the well-being of the trees and was inspired to design patches of “armor” to aid them.

While designing this armor, Becky kept an eye on the trees and came to realize they were healing on their own. Birds would come each day to clean bugs from the holes. Soon the bark began to form rounded edges and over time, the holes closed with new growth.

Known as the Lady of the Woods, the birch is elegant and graceful at first sight but stronger than she appears. The birch is a symbol of courage, strength and regeneration for all.

Forest Floor Pine Needles-Peace Featured


The pine needle influence seen in the Forest Floor Collection was inspired by a single row of White Pines along the driveway of the Becky Thatcher Designs store in Glen Arbor. These pines grace the surrounding forests in abundance.

The needles of the tree can be seen covering the ground, creating texture in the landscape. As one of the oldest known trees on earth, the pine represents wisdom, peace, and longevity. Each piece serves as a reminder of inner stillness and resolve.


Forest Floor Collection Grows Featured

A walk in a northern Michigan wood reveals speckled light, fallen leaves, and native flora on a pine needle carpet.  Remember your Michigan wanderings with the Forest Floor sterling silver cuff, created from an original sketch by designer Becky Thatcher.

We are in love with this newest addition to the Forest Floor collection. It is a statement piece that will work in any season and a true piece of art from Becky herself.

BRSFF00055 $395

Dune Grass Rings Featured

Inspired from the dune grass along the Lake Michigan shoreline, Becky has designed these new sterling silver bands and paired them with cabochons that reflect the colors of the water. dune-grass-rings

New Leather Bracelets Featured

Introducing our new triple wrap leather bracelets!  Use this option with your existing bracelet tops or wear the wrap without a top for a more casual look.
Select from brown or black leather and a variety of sizes so that you find the perfect match for you!


Blue Topaz Rings Featured

Topaz Rings

These blue topaz reflect the colors of our lakes, crisp and inviting on a warm summer day.
Here are three delightful blue topaz rings to consider. click here to go to product page.


Puzzle Watches Featured

We have an exciting variety of  watches with unique frames and a rainbow of colored bands, find the combination that suits your personality.
Watches come with a band, of your choice,  for $295 and the frames are sold separately.
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