• Gold Color Vario Chain


    This matte PVD gold color chain will really change up the look of any vario clasp.

    Chain measures 19 1/2 inches.

    Works specifically with vario system.

  • Pink Freshwater Pearl Strand (Vario System)


    A cultured freshwater pearl strand for your vario system in a delicious pink! Add a vario clasp to this strand for variety or use the single pink pearl vario that is included for a strand that can be worn on its own.

    Measures 17 inches in length or 17 1/2 inches with the single pearl vario.

    Components work specifically with vario system.

  • Black and Gold Vario Chain


    A dramatic addition to your vario collection-a matte black chain with 3 18ky gold links.

    Chain measures 32 1/2 inches in length.

    Work specifically with vario system.

  • Baroque Tahitian Strand (Vario System)


    A graduated baroque Tahitian strand to add to your vario collection! This strand includes a Tahitian pearl vario clasp; you can add a vario clasp for variety or wear it as a beautiful strand of Tahitian pearls on its own.

    Measures approximately 17 inches in length and 17 1/2 inches with the pearl vario clasp.

    Components work specifically with the vario system.