• Silver & Lavender Freshwater Pearl Necklace


    An enchanting freshwater pearl strand of cultured, baroque pearls in silver gray and lavender tones. With movement, the luster of this lovely strand will keep you guessing. At one glance, silver-at another, metallic lavender with hints of green.

    Sterling silver S hook closure. Strand measures 19 inches in length.

  • Baroque Stick Pearl Earrings


    Cultured freshwater pearls in natural purple/pink tones. How can you say no?

    14ky gold wires. Earrings each measure approximately 1 inch in length.

  • Pink Freshwater Pearl Strand (Vario System)


    A cultured freshwater pearl strand for your vario system in a delicious pink! Add a vario clasp to this strand for variety or use the single pink pearl vario that is included for a strand that can be worn on its own.

    Measures 17 inches in length or 17 1/2 inches with the single pearl vario.

    Components work specifically with vario system.

  • White Baroque Freshwater Pearl Necklace


    Everyone needs a baroque strand of pearls to add spice to an outfit! With a classic white, you have spice AND versatility.

    Freshwater cultured pearls. Necklace measures approximately 18 1/2 inches in length.

    Sterling silver S hook closure style.

  • Freshwater Pearl Necklace-White


    Pearls-a wardrobe staple! This versatile strand of white, cultured freshwater pearls will work seamlessly into your everyday attire.

    Round pearls ranging from 12.5 to 14.5 mm. Necklace is 18 inches in length.

    14ky gold S hook style closure.