• Oval Ammonite Bracelet Top


    Rich earth tones abound in this defined ammonite specimen. Wear it with all your fall wardrobe favorites!

    Sterling silver. Measures 1 1/2 inches long.

    Bracelet top only-base sold separately.

  • Picasso Ammonite Bracelet Top


    This ammonite is named for its visual similarities to Picasso’s work. It typically showcases multiple fossils in one stone, in an almost collage style with subtle grays, whites and blacks.

    Sterling silver. Top measures approximately 1 3/4 inches in length.

    Bracelet top only-base sold separately.

  • Ammonite Negative Earrings


    Ammonite negatives are the footprints from where ammonite shells once rested. These ammonite negative earrings have golden pyrite highlights.

    Sterling silver bezels and wires.

  • Ammonite Earrings


    Caramel-toned ammonite slice earrings for our fossil fans.

    Sterling silver. French style wires.

    Earrings measure approximately 1 inch in length.

  • Cuff Links-Ammonite


    Ammonite is a term for members of an extinct subclass of molluscan, related to squid and octopus, from the Devonian period. The name ammonite, was inspired by the spiral shape of their shells, which resemble rams horns…learn more here.

    Ammonite cuff links with honey and maple color tones. Sterling silver bezels.

    Cuff links measure approximately 1 inch square.

  • Ammonite Earrings


    For the fossil lover…Spiral ammonites earrings with subtle caramel tones.

    Bezel set in sterling silver, with sterling silver French wires.

    Ammonites each measure approximately 1 inch in length.