• Cuff Links-Tiger’s Eye


    Freeform tiger’s eye cuff links. A beautiful mix of gold, bronze and black.

    Sterling silver bezels.

  • Cuff Links-Beachstone


    A little bit of northern Michigan…black and white beachstone cuff links. Great gift for the groom!

    Sterling silver bezels.

  • Cuff Links-Scenic Jasper


    Various shades of plum and tan create a distant landscape in this pair of cuff links. An autumn sunset in the treeline…

    Sterling silver bezels.

  • Cuff Links-Jasper


    Cream, soft green and burgandy brown flecks make these  jasper cuff links neutral and still full of interest.

    Sterling silver bezels.

    Cuff links each measure approximately 3/4 of an inch by 1 inch.

  • Cuff Links-Ammonite


    Ammonite is a term for members of an extinct subclass of molluscan, related to squid and octopus, from the Devonian period. The name ammonite, was inspired by the spiral shape of their shells, which resemble rams horns…learn more here.

    Ammonite cuff links with honey and maple color tones. Sterling silver bezels.

    Cuff links measure approximately 1 inch square.