• Chrysocolla Bead Necklace


    Teal, deep blue and black tones draw the eye in this chrysocolla strand.

    Shiny, 14mm round beads. Sterling silver S hook style clasp.

    Necklace measures approximately 18 3/4 inches in length.

  • Silver Bark with Diamond Necklace


    Fall in love with the simplicity of this delicate necklace. Our bark design is accented by a round, white diamond and an oxidized chain for a modern twist.

    Sterling silver bark center with a .03ct round, white diamond, bezel set in 18ky gold. Oxidized sterling silver chain with a lobster clasp.

    Necklace measures approximately 16 1/2 inches.

  • Mushroom Spore Print with Diamond Necklace


    Sweet and easy- our smallest spore print as a pendant.

    18ky gold mushroom spore print with .03ct round, white diamond, bezel set in 18ky gold, finished with a sterling silver oxidized chain.

    Necklace measures approximately 17 inches in length. Spore print measures just under 1/2 inch in diameter.


  • Gold Bark with Diamond Necklace


    A bit of bark…Our 18ky gold medium bark design with added diamond sparkle. A great everyday necklace that can be layered with longer necklaces for added texture.

    18ky gold bark center with a .03ct round, white diamond in an 18ky gold bezel. Oxidized sterling silver chain with lobster clasp.

    16 3/4 inches in length.

  • Beachstone Cairns and Recycled Glass Necklace


    You’ll find all shapes and sizes in this playful necklace! Beachstones, mini Leland Blues, and colorful recycled glass makes this eclectic necklace a beachcomber’s dream.

    Sterling silver S hook style closure. Measures approximately 18 inches in length.


  • Chunky Leland Blue and Recycled Glass Necklace


    Make a dramatic statement with this Leland Blue necklace, accented with pieces of light blue recycled glass.

    Leland Blue is the byproduct of the iron ore smelter used in Leland in the 1800’s and is considered a fun beach-combing treasure for those who find it.

    Sterling silver clasp. Necklace is approximately 18 inches long.

  • Leland Blue Cairn Necklace


    Petite Leland blue rondels in varying shades make for a playful mix of this favorite local recycled material.

    14ky gold small S hook style closure.

    Measures 18 inches in length.

  • Apatite Nugget Necklace


    You’ll fall in love with the rich teal in these apatite nuggets! Slightly graduated, each nugget in this strand is unique in shape and tone. Necklace has a more matte finish.

    18ky gold S hook closure.

    Measures approximately 19 inches in length. Apatite is a more fragile material, which makes it suitable for necklaces and earrings. Wear gently.

  • Emerald Necklace


    This graduated strand of Columbian emerald rondells contains so much pyrite! Columbian emeralds are unique as they are the only emeralds whose host stone contains pyrite.

    18ky gold small S clasp.

    Measures 23 inches in length.


  • Emerald Necklace


    These Columbian emerald rondells make for a luscious 23 inch strand of green! Knotted between each rondell, this slightly graduated strand has periodic glimmers of pyrite. Lovely.

    18ky gold small S hook style clasp.

  • Clear Quartz Necklace


    Clear quartz necklace with marquise-type shaped stones. A bold, yet neutral necklace that customers love with a classic white shirt.

    Sterling silver S style clasp.

    Measures 23 1/2 inches in length.

  • Beachstone and Glass Necklace


    An eclectic necklace of treasures inspired by a lifetime of beach walks.

    Sterling silver S hook closure.

    Measures approximately 23 1/2 inches in length.