• Leland Green Studs


    Not many know that Leland blue comes in shades of green too! It is unclear what caused the color variations, but it is clear that visitors love them all.

    10mm Leland green stones. Sterling silver posts.

  • Leland Blue Studs


    A bit of Leland blue. Half round Leland blue stones as stud earrings. Simple and easy.

    10mm stones. Sterling silver posts.

  • Beachstone Cairn Tower Earrings


    A tall tower of Leland Blue stones in all the key shades, with neutral beachstones thrown into the mix for a true treasure from Lake Michigan! Each earring features 7 stones.

    Sterling silver wires.

    Earrings measure approximately 2 inches in length each.

  • Swiss Blue Topaz Earrings


    The distinct color of swiss blue topaz captures the exotic color you’ll see driving “the narrows” of Glen Lake on a July day.

    10 X 7 mm pear shaped swiss blue topaz stones in sterling silver cinch settings. Sterling silver wires.

  • Cherry Creek Jasper Rough Cut Earrings


    Cherry creek jasper was discovered in 2010 in China when miners were looking for turquoise. Its name comes from the creek that flows close to the discovery site. It blends hues of sage green, chocolate, plum and mustard with unique markings scattered throughout. These earrings are triangular in shape with rough cut outer edges.

    Sterling silver.

    Stones measure approximately 1 inch in length each.

  • Cairn Trio Earrings


    Keep it simple with a neutral trio of Michigan beachstones.

    Sterling silver wires. Stone stacks measure 3/4 of an inch each.

  • Quartz Earrings


    Clear quartz rod earrings with textured oxidized silver caps.

    Sterling silver caps and wires.


  • Reconstituted Turquoise Earrings


    Reconstituted turquoise provides a uniform turquoise hue at a great price! Coordinating necklaces available upon request.

    Sterling silver wires. Beads will vary.

  • Beachstone Cairns and Glass Earrings


    Swirled recycled glass for the tumbling waves and petite beachstones above and below for contrasting texture. The perfect beach lover’s earrings!

    Sterling silver. Approximately 1 inch in length.

  • Oval Malachite Earrings


    Banded shades of forest green make for a lovely pattern in these oval malachite earrings.

    Bezel set malachite. Sterling silver. French style wires.

    Earrings are approximately 1 inch in length.


  • Leaf Impression Earrings


    Catch a glimpse of an oak leaf in these oxidized earrings from the Forest Floor Impressions Collection.

    Oxidized sterling silver disks. Earrings measure 1 1/4 inches long. Sterling silver French wires.

  • Forest Floor Bangle-Leaf

    Turquoise Ball Earrings


    Get a punch of color and a bit of black contrasting matrix with these 12mm turquoise ball earrings.

    Sterling silver French style wires.