• Leaf Impression Earrings


    Catch a glimpse of an oak leaf in these oxidized earrings from the Forest Floor Impressions Collection.

    Oxidized sterling silver disks. Earrings measure 1 1/4 inches long. Sterling silver French wires.

  • Pink Sapphire Studs


    It’s hard to not be happy in these cheerful pink studs.

    1.12tcw round pink sapphires, prong set, in 14ky gold.

  • Mushroom Spore Print Diamond Stud Earrings


    Our smallest mushroom spore prints with diamond accents makes for a great pair of everyday earrings.

    18ky gold with .06tcw white, round diamonds in 18ky gold bezels.

    Each mushroom spore print measures just under 1/2 an inch in diameter.

  • Mushroom Spore Print Diamond Dangle Earrings


    Have you been looking for that new twist on a diamond earring? You have found it!

    Replicating the underside of the winecap mushroom, these mushroom spore prints provide both texture and sparkle.

    18ky gold spore prints and French wires, with .06tcw white, round diamonds in 18ky gold bezels.

    Spore prints measure just under 1/2 inch in diameter each.

  • Black Diamond Earrings


    Black diamond earrings. Yes…you need these.

    4.15tcw pear shaped black diamonds with 18ky gold bezels and 18ky gold French style wires.

    Diamonds are approximately 1/2 inch in length each.

  • Diamond Sunray Earrings


    You have diamond earrings, but do you have teal diamond earrings? Add this gorgeous hue to your collection.

    .66tcw round, teal diamonds, bezel set in 22ky gold with 18ky gold sunray detail and French style wires.

    Earrings are approximately 1/2 inch long each.

  • Surfite Earrings


    Multi-colored and lightweight, these teardrop earrings made of recycled surfboard paint will take you through multiple seasons and occasions.

    Sterling silver French style wires.

    Approximately 1 3/4 inches in length each.

  • Baroque Stick Pearl Earrings


    Cultured freshwater pearls in natural purple/pink tones. How can you say no?

    14ky gold wires. Earrings each measure approximately 1 inch in length.

  • Chrome Diopside Earrings


    Freeform, flat slices of chrome diopside are accented with swinging, 14ky gold bark textured disks in these eye-catching earrings.

    Chrome diopside is a recently discovered material that gets its green hue from the mineral chromium. It is found primarily in Eastern Siberia.

    14ky gold disks and 14ky gold French style wires.

  • Egyptian Turquoise Earrings


    A striking turquoise with black matrix. These fine Egyptian turquoise briolette earrings standout with their unique shade of blue.

    18ky gold French style wires. Stones measure approximately 1 inch in length each.

  • Leland Blue Earrings


    A playful mix..Leland Blue beads, recycled blue glass, beachstones and thick Leland Blue oval slices.

    Sterling silver French wires.

  • Fossilized Mud Crack Earrings


    Who knew mud could be so enticing? These oval shaped, fossilized mud crack earrings showcase white “sunbursts” with a black and chocolate brown backdrop.

    Sterling silver French wires.