• Surfite Earrings


    Multi-colored and lightweight, these teardrop earrings made of recycled surfboard paint will take you through multiple seasons and occasions.

    Sterling silver French style wires.

    Approximately 1 3/4 inches in length each.

  • Baroque Stick Pearl Earrings


    Cultured freshwater pearls in natural purple/pink tones. How can you say no?

    14ky gold wires. Earrings each measure approximately 1 inch in length.

  • Chrome Diopside Earrings


    Freeform, flat slices of chrome diopside are accented with swinging, 14ky gold bark textured disks in these eye-catching earrings.

    Chrome diopside is a recently discovered material that gets its green hue from the mineral chromium. It is found primarily in Eastern Siberia.

    14ky gold disks and 14ky gold French style wires.

  • Egyptian Turquoise Earrings


    A striking turquoise with black matrix. These fine Egyptian turquoise briolette earrings standout with their unique shade of blue.

    18ky gold French style wires. Stones measure approximately 1 inch in length each.

  • Leland Blue Earrings


    A playful mix..Leland Blue beads, recycled blue glass, beachstones and thick Leland Blue oval slices.

    Sterling silver French wires.

  • Fossilized Mud Crack Earrings


    Who knew mud could be so enticing? These oval shaped, fossilized mud crack earrings showcase white “sunbursts” with a black and chocolate brown backdrop.

    Sterling silver French wires.

  • Imperial Topaz Earrings


    Considered to be the color of the setting sun, imperial topaz has golden tones that warm your heart.

    Sterling silver “caps” and French style wires.

  • London Blue Topaz Earrings


    London blue topaz…part navy, part teal…totally captivating.

    10×7 mm pear shaped London blue topaz earrings.

    Sterling silver French wires.

  • White Topaz Earrings


    These pear-shaped white topaz earrings are universally flattering. The elongated shape and neutral tone make them the earrings you will pick again and again.

  • Recycled Glass and Pearl Earrings

    Recycled Glass and Pearl Earrings


    A vibrant mix-cobalt blue recycled glass paired with light blue recycled glass and white, cultured, freshwater pearls.

    Sterling silver wires.

  • Amethyst Orbs


    Light-toned amethyst round beads. A great grab and go for a weekend trip or casual day of shopping.

    Sterling silver French wires. Earrings will vary in color. Each pair is unique.

  • Sonoran Sunset Earrings


    Rectangular Sonoran Sunset slices in a copper hue with metallic and white accents.

    Sterling silver wires.