Endangered Insect Cuff-Butterfly


The Karner Blue  Butterfly has striking violet colored wings with delicate white edges. Wild lupine is the only plant that sustains these creatures as caterpillars, so it is essential to their survival.  They were added as an endangered species federally in 1992. There are thought to be only 10,000 remaining.

Hand engraved on blackened steel, this Karner Blue Butterfly is positioned asymmetrically on the cuff, cascading off, as if in motion.

Some color change should be expected as the piece ages and evolves. A light application of household oil will help sustain the design. A care card will be included with your order.

*Becky Thatcher Designs is donating 10% of sales from the Endangered Insect Collection to the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy for use in habitat restoration.

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