Forest Floor Mushroom Spore Print-Protection

While studying soil microbiology, Becky learned of the importance of fungi to plants and soil. Mycelium is the vegetative part of fungus which extracts minerals from sand and rocks for plants to absorb. This is how we get minerals in our food naturally.

The spore prints created for this collection came from an experiment. After collecting mushrooms outside, Becky laid them on paper, gill-side down and let them sit for several hours. During that time the spores of the mushroom were released, which resulted in an intricate replication of the spore print.

These prints covered our kitchen counters as we worked on the project and were later embossed into pieces for the Forest Floor Collection.

A mushroom umbrella-like shape is a symbol of protection for all who carry it. The spore print design represents a resilient organism that never ceases to provide.